Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Along the Sunshine Coast

Let's travel along the Sunshine Coast - we can take the Water Taxi if you like!

The Sunshine Coast - somehow sunshine is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of British Columbia. In some areas, though, they have more sunshine than in others, and the Sunshine Coast is one of those areas. Since it is on the mainland it is rather protected from all the bad weather by the many islands that you find in the straits, especially Vancouver Island that separates this part of British Columbia from the open ocean.

We took the ferry from Horseshoe Bay (West Vancouver) to Gibsons which is the first small town you get into when you have left the ferry. They greet you really nicely here:

It's mainly a fisher town with its own marina (more on that in a later post). I especially loved the signs in this town - signs of direction and the name of one of their fish and chips places.

The view over the strait from here is beautiful. It's pretty quiet as well, just add the sound of the ever hungry seagulls.

We spent the night in a campground nearby and went to the beach the next morning. It's a rocky beach here and rather "rustic".

Driving up the Sunshine Coast, you pass several inlets, all of them beautiful with a big sense of calm - quite what I like.

And watch out for those turtles!!!

When you're half way up the Sunshine Coast, the road ends in Earl Cove and you have to take the next ferry for a 75 minutes ride to Saltery Bay. While waiting for the ferry, you can take in the fabulous view - I would have liked to take the canoe and paddle out onto the water.

Instead, we boarded the ferry and enjoyed one of these peaceful, quiet boat rides that you get up here. It's a little bit like being in a different world - it smells of salty water and old forests.

We passed several smaller islands where people live in wonderful solitude while we listened to some violin music.

We arrived in Saltery Bay in the evening and immediately went to the campground nearby. It was a beautiful campground right in the woods. Unfortunately it was also infested with annoying mosquitoes, so we took our cooking stuff down to the strait's water to cook dinner. We had the place almost to ourselves.

This place was called Mermaid Cove. From here we could see the fisher boats come home and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

There were signs warning us that recently a bear was seen here, but on this evening the bear didn't "lust" for the mermaids.


Elephant's Child said...

How absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for taking us along (the mosquito free way).

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Carola. One of the loveliest ferry trips (okay, two ferry trips) are from Horseshoe Bay, up the sunshine coast, and then across to Saltery Bay. I haven't done it in years, since a good friend of mine died in Powell River. In the meantime, I have a blogging friend who lives up on Powell Lake, and I really want to visit her.
Glorious photos of my beautiful home province.
Thank you, thank you!


I love visiting this part of the world! Beautiful images and those wonderful fish signs and turtle crossing sign are priceless:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking me away this morning! I so love Canada and want to experience more of that beautiful country one day! Great captures Carola!! Makes me feel like I'm there and yes, I can hear those hungry seagulls! Perfect!

patty said...

What a wonderful journey, Carola! This is a place I have not been, so am very fascinated to see the beauty and interesting things. You make a WONDERFUL tourist guide!! Thank you.

KB said...

I was leaving a comment when my computer crashed so I'm not sure if it got to you or not! Please delete this one if it did.

Your photos took me on the journey with you. What a beautiful part of the world. Thanks so much for sharing your trip!

As a photographer, I really love the composition of your photos of the rocky beach!

Vagabonde said...

There is a special light in Vancouver Island I think – we went there only three times and I wish we could go back. But, with your photos, I was able to go back – virtually. What a lovely trip you had.

Meegan, Dreaming in the Gloaming said...

Oh, Mermaid Cove! What a great name ;). Really enjoyed browsing your beautiful photos with my three year old. She thought they were very pretty and then told me how she thought one of the fish signs should have been painted pink (her fav color) and that she doesn't like turtles because one bit her in a dream. Thanks for giving us an enjoyable morning!

gina said...

Great shots -- it sure looks like a wonderful place to visit. The love the signs you shared and the gorgeous water shots. The sunset image is definitely frame worthy.

Sally H said...

What stunning photos, Carola! Fabulous scenery. Don't think I will ever get the chance to visit in person, so it is lovely to have a 'guided virtual tour' from yourself xxx