Monday, October 10, 2011

Made in Germany 29 - Fish Traps

About 20 years ago I spent a week in Schleswig-Holstein, the most Northern state in Germany. You can find many beautiful lakes in that area and, of course, the Baltic Sea. Schleswig is a little town with beautiful cottages and cobblestone streets - you feel a bit like in a fairy tale. And since I have always liked ports I spent some decent time in the fisher port, and got pretty hooked on this special kind of fish traps, called Fischreusen. They were drying in the breeze, waiting for the next trip out on the water for another catch.


Ginnie said...

I never saw such fishing nets till I moved to the Netherlands, Carola. I LOVE them! And they're slways so photogenic.

see you there! said...

The fish traps wonderful to look at. I really like things that are both beautiful and functional as these are.


Orsolina said...

Endlich habe ich mal wieder Zeit zu kommentieren. Die Aufnahme der Reusen ist super. Ich liebe ja alles, was vom Meer kommt, egal ob NORD- oder OSTSEE.

Ich mag auch gern Fisch essen **gggg**.

LG Biggi

Kay L. Davies said...

How wonderful, Carola. I always love anything fishing-related. Makes me smile, makes me homesick for the ocean.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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windrock studio said...

What a great image!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Ein wunderschönes Foto und erinnert mich daran, dass wir unbedingt mal wieder an die See fahren sollte. Ich mag beide, die Ost- und die Nordsee.