Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Laguna

Recently, Jo and I walked at and near the Laguna. It's a great place for bird watching - there are so many different birds and the air is full with their sounds. The first thing I heard when we got out of the car was the distinctive call of the red-winged blackbird.

I have no idea what these birds were, but they looked so gorgeous on the tree and there was a lot of chit-chat. I processed this photo with Kim Klassen's texture "Partings" in blending mode multiply at 75%. It gives the image a darker feeling which fits the birds.

These bird homes were all over the place and we noticed that they had been well used over the spring and summer.

I loved this little sparrow sitting on a hydrant (there were fields close by that needed irrigation).

You didn't think that you would see a "bird post' without a black-crowned night heron, did you? I was so happy to capture him in flight and still see his eye and those yellow feet!

 Processed with "Partings" in multiply at 75%

Some more of the irrigation systems - I like these pipes on wheels.

 Processed with "Partings" in soft light at 100%

One of the many paths in this area - walking here is really pleasant during this season, but it tends to get very hot in the summer.
Processed with "Partings" in soft light at 75%

I'm linking this to Kim's Texture Tuesday. The prompt for this week was to use her texture "Partings" with any photo we like. You can see that I've made good use of it...


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Beautiful pictures ... all of them. The "Partings" texture is very subtle and wonderful on your pictures. Nice that you have a Laguna to walk by ... Seems like you are having a wonderful time.

Andrea @ From the Sol

Kay L. Davies said...

Beautiful shots, Carola, beautifully done.

Elephant's Child said...

What a lovely place. Walking here must be both exciting (wondering which birds you will see) and peaceful (as walks so often are). Thank you for this post - I loved it.

gina said...

Wonderful fall images, and great captures of the birds, especially the heron. I am fascinated by the irrigation pipes too. Sounds like a fun outing!

RosC said...

Lovely photos, Carola. I do like the subtle filters you've used and particularly like the red-winged blackbird.
Hope you're well and content.
Ros. #31

Frida said...

Beautiful series. Looks like a place with many different things to discover.

Unknown said...

Lovely texture work - very nice and subtle. Great heron shot!

Darla said...

I adore our red winged blackbirds. Your fall season walk looks delightful.


windrock studio said...

What a perfect place to walk with a friend ~ you sure got some wonderful images!

Pat said...

What a beautiful place to walk. Love the birds, especially the Red-winged Blackbird.

Currie Silver said...

you have offered up a deLIGHTfull and delicious walk-along. I love your use of Partings and all the different ways you used it. I am still Very New to all this and I find such encouragement from seeing what others are up to. it is especially nice when you share HOW you used the texture. gives me practise ideas!!
yummy and BEautimous!!

Ginnie said...

Kim has gotta be real proud of you, Carola. So am I. :)