Thursday, November 17, 2011

Early Morning Walk

Early this morning, Jo and I walked around our beautiful lake. It was a crisp morning, sunny though, but you could feel that a weather change was in the air. It was very quiet, not many people were out that early and the lake was perfectly still.

Then we saw a beautiful Great Egret, patiently standing on a log in the water waiting for some fish. He completely ignored us.

On a branch above him we discovered this Black Crowned Night Heron.

I love this buckeye, the shape of the tree is so beautiful.

I think we disturbed this little duck in her morning meditation.

When we were almost done, we saw this beautiful Great Egret, only a few feet away from us.

It was a wonderful walk.

How did you start your day?


gina said...

What a beautiful place! Your photos are lovely -- I especially like the first one. Thanks for taking us with you on your early morning walk!

JoZart said...

Beautiful photos and how lucky you are to have such wonders of Nature on your doorstep.
Today I was crafting in my PJs even before I showered. Trying to finish the cards to send down to my DD in Brighton for her sale.
Love Jo x

Chantal said...

off to a bad start today. Too much pain, but your photos make up for it a little

seabluelee said...

I just started mine by going on your lovely morning walk! My favorite is the last - such beautiful light outlining that great egret. Even his beak is glowing!

patty said...

Well, I always start my day with a walk, but I don't have a lake! That looks so lovely and I can only imagine that changes that you get to observe throughout the year. Love those big birds!!

Kay L. Davies said...

I started my day by getting up to see snow outside. Not much, I'm happy to say, but enough to remind us winter is on its way. I'm glad I'm going to the west coast of BC next week.

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Sally H said...

That looks and sounds like an idyllic way to start your day! Fabulous photos and thanks for sharing x

Maria Ontiveros said...

Those reflection photorgraphs are stunning!

Ginnie said...

The joys of Mother Nature! I get to see similar sights almost every day on my citadel walks, Carola. Mostly herons, though. We're so lucky, aren't we!